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Golf Course
The Desert Crest Swimming Pool and one
of three natural hot springs "spas".
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Desert Crest Community Association
69-402 S. Country Club Dr.
Desert Edge, CA 92241-8289
Phone: (760) 329-2899  
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Desert Crest Country Club
Hours - Mon - Fri 10am - 2 pm
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Desert Crest is an active senior, own-your-own-land manufactured home community.  All streets are county owned and maintained.  Homeowners enjoy unlimited golf, on a 9 hole, par 3
course and shuffleboard on 8 indoor courts. We have a mineral water pool and three natural hot springs "spas" . Our clubhouse has a game room, library, gym, and entertainment facilities.

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome you and wish to thank all  Association Members for your support and future participation in making this web site successful. This site will
contain information as to Association business as well as current and future events. Your help in submitting current events, photos and any other note worthy information will be welcomed.

The Board of Directors has full editing administration of this site
Mt San Jacinto view from golf course
CC&R's, ByLaws and Rules & Regulations
    13.01  Rental Limits
    (a) Owner Occupancy (see (i) definition below)/No Rental or Lease
    During First Year of Ownership.  Section 2.03(a) of this Declaration
    permits an Owner to rent or lease the Owner's Lot pursuant to a
    written lease or rental agreement, which agreement must be subject to
    the Governing Documents. That permission to rent or lease (as further
    qualified below) shall not apply as to any Lot or Owner until the
    Owner has been the owner of record of the Lot for at least 12
    continuous months (365 days).  No Owner may rent or lease the Owner's
    Lot until that 12 month period has passed.  Until that 12 month period
    has passed, the Lot may only be "Owner Occupied" as defined below.

    (i)    An "Owner Occupied" Lot is defined as a Lot whose occupants, if
    any, include resident(s) who hold record title to not less than 50
    percent of the legal and beneficial interests in the Lot as evidenced
    by an instrument recorded with the County Recorder's Office.
    (ii)    Any lease or rental of a Lot is prohibited until the Lot's Owner
    has been the Lot's owner of record for at least 12 continuous months.
    Any occupancy of a Lot during the Owner's initial 12 months of
    ownership that does not meet the "Owner Occupied" definition is
    (b) Lease or Rental After the Initial 12 Month Owner Occupied (see (i)
    definition above) Period.  Except for Grandfathered Lots, no Lot or
    Residence may be leased or rented until the Owner applies for and
    obtains written consent from the Association. Grandfathered Lots, as
    defined in Section 13.01(e), are deemed to have that Association
    consent but must still provide notice of the lease or rental to the
    Association.  As for all other Lots, the Association shall provide
    written consent to lease or rent so long as: (a) the initial Owner
    Occupied period has run for that Lot; and (b) the Rental Cap
    referenced below has not been met.
    (c) Rental Cap. At no time may more than twenty-five percent (25%) of
    the total number of Lots, i.e.,  one hundred forty (140) Lots, be
    leased, rented or otherwise fail to be Owner Occupied, (see (i)
    definition above) as defined above.
    (d) Leased Lot Eligibility List.  The Association shall establish and
    maintain a Leased Lot Eligibility List ("List"). Lots that are
    eligible to be rented or leased and have received Association
    permission to rent or lease shall be placed on the List.  When and if
    the 25 percent cap is reached, the List shall also contain a waiting
    list of the Lots, if any, whose Owners have requested, in writing,
    that the Association place his/her Lot on the List to await an
    opportunity for the Lot to be rented or leased.  Only the
    Grandfathered Lots, as defined in Section 13.01(e), and Lots that were
    Owner Occupied (see (i) definition above) for a minimum of the initial
    12 consecutive months of ownership by the current Owners, shall be
    eligible to be placed on the List.  Even if the 25 percent cap has
    been reached, Grandfathered Lots shall still be able to be rented or
    leased.  In the event of a dispute over an Owner's status or position
    on the Leased Lot Eligibility List, the determination of the Board
    shall be final and binding.
    (e) Grandfathered Lots. Grandfathered Lots are Lots owned by Owners as
    of the effective date of the amendment adding this Article XIII to
    this Declaration. Probate transfers, or any transfer to the heir or
    heirs of the Owner, and other transfers exempt from the requirement to
    prepare and deliver a Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement, shall
    not change or remove the status of a Grandfathered Lot.
    (f) Subleasing.  Subleasing of Lots is strictly prohibited.
    (g) Limited Hardship Exception. Upon written application by an Owner,
    the Board, in its sole reasonable discretion, may determine that a
    hardship faced by an Owner justifies the Association permitting a
    limited exception to the Rental Cap.  Examples that may justify such a
    limited hardship exception include an Owner relocation required by (a)
    the Owner's health/disability, or (b) the Owner's employment. If the
    Board determines the Owner applicant has sufficiently demonstrated the
    requisite hardship, the Board may permit the rental or lease of said
    Owner's Lot for an initial period of no more than one (1) year.  Upon
    conclusion of the initial hardship exception period, the Board may,
    upon the Owner's further written application, authorize one (1)
    additional period for the Owner's Lot to be rented or leased but under
    no circumstances does any hardship exception or exceptions authorize
    the rental or lease by any Owner of his/her Lot for a total period of
    more than two (2) years.
    (h) Authority to Adopt Rules.  The Board of Directors may establish
    rules and regulations to enforce, clarify and/or implement all or any
    part of this Article XIII.
    13.02 Compliance with Governing Documents.
    (a) Age Restrictions. As stated in Article 2.03(a) of this
    Declaration, any rental or lease of a Lot shall be subject to the age
    restrictions in this Declaration. Article 2.03)a) provides as follows:
    Any Owner may lease or rent the Owner’s Lot.  Any rental or lease of a
    Residence will be subject to the provisions of the Governing
    Documents, including, without limitation, the age restrictions in
    Article 7.01 of this Declaration, all of which will be deemed
    incorporated by reference in the lease or rental agreement. Each
    Owner-lessor will provide any tenant or lessee with a current copy of
    all Governing Documents and will be responsible for compliance by the
    Owner’s tenant or lessee with all of the provisions of the Governing
    Documents during the tenant’s/lessee’s occupancy and use of the Lot.
    Leases/rentals will be not less than one month in duration.  All
    tenants must appear in person for interview.
    (b) Owner/Lessor Responsible for Tenant Conduct.  The Owner/lessor
    will be responsible for any violation of the Governing Documents by
    the Owner's/lessor's tenants.  Noncompliance with any of the Governing
    Documents by tenant and/or the Owner/lessor may result in fines or
    Reimbursement Assessments being imposed on Owner/lessor.  Owner/lessor
    must ensure a copy of this Declaration  and Club Rules are in the
    rented Residence. If they are not present, contact the office to make
    arrangements for a replacement.
    13.03 Registration of Tenant.
    Each tenant or lessee must be registered and interviewed by the
    Association and Club prior to assuming occupancy and obtain
    appropriate badges.  Failure to comply with registration requirements
    will result in an assessment against the landlord/owner.