Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Nancy Nunan
Vice President - Cindy Klatt
- Cheryl McInnis
Secretary -Virgilia Becker
Director -  Eva Hall
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting: December  4th

Board Workshop: November 27th
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
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Board Meeting Minutes for November 6, 2018
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Desert Crest Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Desert Crest Club House
November 6 @ 2:00 PM

Call to order: 2:05
Flag Salute:
Roll Call of Board Members:
Becker, Gravelle, Hall, Klatt, Lanning, McInnes & Nunan.  Absent, Hall.
Welcome residents back New Desert Crest members: One new couple on Parkside
were welcomed with applause.

Treasurer’s Report:

Approval of attorney; Margaret Wangler with Fiore, Racobs, & Powers:
Motion and second to pay the $1,000.00 retainer. Approved by all.

Letters on 2.04; 15 for approval: Motion and second to send the letters out.  All

Change of Board office telephone for faster response: Verizon has a plan including
Canada and Mexico for $55.00 a month.  All we need is a business account and a tax
ID.  Moved and seconded to move forward. Jim has a phone he can donate for us to try;
we need a 4G.

Approval of New Update Form – Cheryl and Nancy explained the need is so great for
accurate information that we will make this a yearly form, sent out with the Association
assessment (bill). We know that you all have filled out information at various times in the
past, but please bear with us. You may had it in to the office, put it in the association
mailbox by the front door to the clubhouse, or give to a board member.

Parties in the club facilities – new form from the club office: Let them know 30 days in
advance so they can schedule it and put it on the calendar. Contact a board member if it
is an emergency need, such as a memorial.

Board will be checking badges with staff: Due to the use of the pools and other
amenities of the club by persons who (a) don´t live here or (b) live here or are more than
60 days behind in their dues, the employees of the club have been instructed to only
grant access to fully paid members and their guests.  Board members are going to
assist the staff in this by checking badges.  Club staff will take the badges of persons
who are delinquent in dues, or badges that are not the right color.

Discussion and suggestions on locking of east-side gate:  The gate was built because
of a daily trespass of homeless persons who were using the bathrooms and the pools
during the night.  One woman was actually living in the library with her dog. Now that
the season is here, we will try leaving that gate unlocked until 10:30 p.m. but will still
lock the front doors at 5.   We can do a survey to see who is willing to pay to put a slide
lock on the gate. We will also provide a clock that can be easily seen.  Also,
temperatures are taken every two hours and are posted on the board.

Member suggestions for park activities: We want to get more people involved in social
activities, and want the whole park to join in the fun.  Holiday decorations for homes.  
Decorating our golf carts. Horseshoes with light for night play.  Pickle ball very popular.

Complaints: PLEASE write your complaints on the complaint/suggestion form, which is
on the table in the lobby.  Sign and date with your address and phone number; these
will be removed on copy sent to committee, unless you state otherwise.  Complaint
about the carpeting that is so ragged, dirty and often wet.  Warren stated that it could be
removed and replaced with paint that has sand in it like deck paint. A group of people
can make out and sign one complaint form, if
one person takes charge and is the address and phone number for all.

Correspondence: There is a red box in the office for sympathy cards and donations for
the family of Reuben who ran the cafeteria and was well-liked.  He was 47 when he
passed away, leaving a wife and three children, 13, 8, and 2.

Committee Reports:
a. Architectural – Randy Clendaniel: When buying solar for your home be aware that
you must have a permit from the county, even for a ramp-mount; its heavy and can only
be mounted on stick-built like a garage roof.  Read the contract for payment carefully; if
its personal
you may have to keep paying after you sell the property. The corner of
County Club and South Country club—an old mobile is being removed and replaced
with a modular.  Three solar systems are being installed on East Side Court, Greenway
Court, and Crestview
(post and beam carport).

b. 2.04 Complaints – Alan Klatt: 11 homes still haven´t complied with
cleanup. One
home received a third letter and face a lien.  Committee
will check the complaints from
the members.

c. Emergency Preparedness – Tom Ebersten & David Hemingway are no longer active
as there was no one attending.  This committee needs volunteers in order to exist.  Jim
Gravelle said that ten ham operators have checked in so far.  If you have anything that
needs to go over the air, let Jim know.

d. Age Compliance – the Board: a letter went out to one rental property, and they are
moving.  Let the board know if you know of anyone underage living in the park
(including guests who stay more than 60 days).

e. Rental Committee – Cynthia Klatt:  The landlord is responsible for behavior of
tenants.  Fines for noncompliance START at $25. per day. All landlords are being called
for who is renting and for how long. Six rentals have been sold to permanent residents.

f. Neighborhood Watch/ Safety – We need you to be the eyes and ears. Please let the
board know if there are any homes with traffic all night long.  Eve may be resigning.  Any
volunteers?  This is such an important committee for all of us. Let the board know if you
someone who would be willing to be on the committee.

g. 6.19 Compliance –This summer the cupboard in the hall was replaced
with attractive
doors that can be locked.  Anyone wishing to thank
Jessica can leave a note in the

Old Business: None.

New Business:
Thanksgiving—Illa needs volunteers; she cannot do it herself.  There is a sign-up sheet
at the office.  If we don’t have volunteers, we can´t have it.
CCRs: a change being considered is that no one owning a property here and behind in
club and association fees may buy another property in the park. If you vote approval of
it, the courts will uphold it. Our attorney is holding a workshop about what we can and
cannot do with our CCRs.  Two board members are attending.  Nancy will check if it is
invitation only or open to the public, and how much it would cost for a non-board
member. Cindy took another class on Service Dogs. These continuing education
courses are most helpful.

Open Forum
Deanna Johnson gave appreciation to the newsletter for working on the speed limit.  
Still too much speeding.  There are more 25mph signs up. FedEx and UPS are
speeding.  If you see it, CALL IT IN on their 800# with time it went by, and street it was

The red line opposite the cafe was put up because twice rescue vehicles (fire trucks)
could not get by and precious minutes were lost backing up and finding another route to
the crisis. Now has No Parking signs, and towing away of vehicles who park there will
happen.  These
are county roads.

Some owners have put up night lights that are so bright as to be disturbing to others.  It
is illegal in California to do this. Virgilia suggested her experience was replacing bright
white with
green not only solved the problem, but made it easier to see at night without
the glare.

Adjournment 3:00

**”People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, But people will
never forget            how you made them feel.   Maya Angelou
Updated 11/10/2018