Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Nancy Nunan
Vice President - Cindy Klatt
Treasurer - Cheryl McInnis
Secretary -Virgilia Becker
Director -  Tom Ebersten  
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting:  January  5th  2020 at 2:00 pm

Board Workshop:  December 29th  at 2:00 pm
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
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Board Meeting Minutes for December 1, 2020
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Updated 12/16/2020

                                               Desert Crest Community Association
                                                       Board of Directors Meeting
                                                     December 1, 2020 @ 2:00 PM
                                       Due to the Co-vid Pandemic, limited # of attends

Call to order
Facial Masks must be worn

Flag Salute

Roll call of Board of Directors: Virgilia Becker, Tom Ebersten, Jim Gravelle, Cindy Klatt, Ed Lanning, Cheryl
McInnes, & Nancy Nunan—all present.

Minutes from the previous meeting: any corrections /additions. Motion passed to accept them.        
Treasurer’s Report-moved CD’s into checking account.  The interest is too low to lock the money into long term

Old Business

Approval of edited/adjusted budget. Moved, seconded, and passed.

Thank you to everyone that helped make Squeak’s retirement party a success. Virgilia read Squeak’s thank you
letters to residents and to the planners.  75 to 100 people attended.  She was very happy.

New Business

Approval of 2.04 letters. Moved, seconded, and passed to send the letters out.

Approval of Budget. We will not raise rates because we have enough to meet expenses. When the time comes
that we can’t meet the expenses, we will have to raise the rates. Motion seconded and passed to accept the

Jessica has a foreclosure lawyer now and will be going after the money that is owed her.  As she succeeds, our
liens will be recovered as well.  Each lien costs us approximately $600.00.

Approval of golf club’s “November 2020 Covid Rules for Golf” It must state, “Wearing a mask is mandatory on the
DCCC property.” This is a privately owned golf course, and the owner has passed this rule, among others.  These
rules will be posted.  The bathrooms are for the businesses that are renting in the building.  The doors will be
locked when the businesses are locked. We must lock out the homeless that have been using the restrooms.  
Motion seconded and passed to accept the rules.

Approval of sanctioned Desert Crest clubs and groups. By January 1st we need to know what clubs, who are the
presidents, what expectation they have to use the buildings for their club. Pete has almost all of them now. The
Board of Directors approve the clubs so the owner can include them on the insurance

Raise for Desert Crest Association office manager. Motion seconded and passed.

The assessment bill went out today, with an update for any changes in addresses, and emergency contacts.  
Please send the update back.  

Committee Reports
Architectural – Randy Clendaniel : Garage on Morningside still ongoing.  Unable to get information on the others.
Board will contact code enforcement or environmental to do something about abandoned homes that are
deteriorating badly.  The health department must be called before anyone can start work on any part of their
mobile that has black mold.
2,04 committee:  Allan Klatt: Only ten homeowners needed letters. Residents are doing well.

Emergency Preparedness – Dennis Cline: We need a membership workshop separate from the meeting.  We now
have a new generator, and ham radio. We will have classes on how to operate the radios.  It is $75 to get a
operator’s license.  If we have an emergency, the Board doesn’t know how many members will show up at the
Country Club.  We will depend on the ham operators who can get in contact with each other.  The meeting for new
members will be 1:30 p.m. on third Thursday for the workshop.  Regular meeting will be at 2:00 on 3rd Thursday
Age Compliance – Tom Ebersten: No new referrals this month. Remember the underage issue is important so that
we can keep our 55+ status.  

Rental Compliance – Cindy Klatt: Rentals are down to 22%.   

Interview Committee – Nancy & Cindy: Some seasonal people are still coming and need to be interviewed. Please
let us know if anyone is living in the park who has not been interviewed

Club: Pete Harrington—Ladies bathroom will be getting a new back door.
DCCA employees, mostly work alone, only 3 days a week have two guys.  They do not have time to keep checking
the pool.
The DCCC employees will be locking the front door when Linda leaves unless there is something going on.  This is
to keep the homeless out of the bathrooms.
We will send an email out when there is a change in schedule.
Calendar:  Linda will start making a new one. Please get her the information on your club.

Announcements: There have been several robberies. If you see anything suspicious, call 911.  

Next workshop: December 29, Tuesday, 2:00 PM

Next Board Meeting January 5, 2021, Tuesday, 2:00 PM   Here is hoping the year 2021 will be better.

Nancy Nunan, President

Virgilia Becker, Secretary