Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Virgilia Becker
Vice President
- Cindy Klatt
- Nancy Nunam
Secretary - Cheryl McInnes
Director -  Eva Hall
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting: Tuesday , April 3rd at 2:00 pm

Workshop session is Tuesday , March 27th at  2:00 pm  
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
Update 3/10/2018
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Board Meeting Minutes for March 6, 2018
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Desert Crest Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Desert Crest Club House
March 6, 2018 Tuesday @ 2:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 by President, Virgilia Becker. This was followed by the Flag Salute.
Roll Call of Board of Directors: Virgilia Becker, Cindy Klatt, Cheryl McInnes, Nancy Nunan, Jim Gravelle, Eve Hall, & Ed

Minutes from the previous meeting: corrections/additions.
(1) Corrections to the Emergency Preparedness and Safety Committee: Dave Hemingway and Tom Ebersten are co-
chairs; Tom as Secretary; Lynn Waterman as Treasurer.  
(2) CCRs state that the directors receiving the top three number of votes will be on the board for four years. Cheryl
McInnes is the third director to serve four years. The motion to accept the minutes for the February 2018 minutes was
accepted with those corrections.
Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Nunan; a motion to accept was made and passed.

Committee Reports
1. Architectural - Randy provided a description of 7 projects that were reviewed and approved this past month. This
included 2 ramps, 1 garage enclosure, a gate and discussion of offsets and 2 homes that were under Code
Enforcement. He will present a discussion next month on what we can do with and without permits.

2. 2.04 Compliance – Alan Klatt sent out 11 letters of non-compliance this past month. They included Palm fronds, and a
branch hanging over the neighbor’s home. Spring is coming early this year. The weeds are already growing. If you are
gone for the summer, please make sure you have someone looking after the outside of your home.

3. Emergency Preparedness and Safety –Tom Ebersten explained that the EP committee are working on the
formations of blocks and block captains who will coordinate their blocks to make them safe and will report to each other
about keeping their blocks safe. Block parties are being held around the park. Earthquake Preparedness: On March 22-
25 there will be a CERT Training. This class will train the first responders for the park. If we get hit by a big one, we can
anticipate being out for 7-10 days before we get help from anyone. Call Tom Ebersten at 760-660-7242 if you are
interested in being CERT trained. Eve gave the roads report. The County will determine the best fix for the area in front
of the Café to eliminate the cars, trucks and trailers parking on both sides of the street. It will then have to be rezoned by
the Riverside Board of Supervisors before a work order can be issued. Requested repairs to 16th Avenue are unlikely.
It is opened to the public but not maintained by the County. The Fire Department is sending us to Mission Springs for
servicing the fire hydrants. It has been 7 years since they have been serviced. Waiting for a decision from the Fire Chief,
whether the fire trucks will keep the siren on for medical vs fire on entering the park.  On Tuesday, March 13, Desert
Edge will have their regular meeting at 4:30 pm at Caliente Springs.

4. Interview Committee –Nancy Nunan has 5 people to help with the interviews. The committee is will meet next week.
Carol Curchin has been doing the interviews this past week. Please call the DCCC office for a time and date for

5. Rental and Age Compliance Committee – Cynthia Klatt stated we have 140 rentals in the park at this time, 25% of
the total homes in the park. Placing a limit on the number of rental units is what the ballot is about, The vote does not
affect the current homeowners in the park, only new homeowners.
Underage: We are still working on the child that is living in the park. This will be taken to the attorney.

6. 6.19 Committee—Virgilia Becker will be meeting with Jessica on March 21st. Three members of the community and
Nancy will be also at the meeting. They will be discussing the showers, and the hall cabinet, among others.

7. Communications and Correspondence—Virgilia Becker stated she received a recommendation for Silvino. She
typed it up and read it to him. He was very appreciative and wanted to say thank you to all.  A copy has been placed in
his file.

8. Hot Water Pipe- Ed Lanning reported that 3 pipes in the pool area were broken and have been repaired. The hole
has been covered with plywood. They are anticipating more breaks. Thanks to Ed for supervising the guys and the
repairs. California Water Board has a new policy, any well pumping more than 10 acre feet of water in a year must be
put on a meter. The Golf Course pumps 70 acre feet of water a year. A meter has been installed. There is a possibility
that the California Water Board is going to charge for the water coming out of the ground. Desert Dunes is being
charged $10,000 a year per well. The overflow pool water gets pumped into the upper pond and is used to water the
grass in the winter time. The Men’s shower had an issue; the guys had to chlorinate the entire bathroom. Please do not
leave paper in the showers, it clogs the drains. If you see anyone without a badge, please report it to the staff. We have
two homeless camps around us and they are coming in and using the facilities. The front door will be closed early
because of these encampments.

Other Reports
       Ham Radio-Jim Gravelle is the head of the committee. There are 7 active Ham operators in the park with a total of
25 operators in the Valley. If we have an emergency, someone needs to communicate our conditions here. Anyone
interested please call Jim.
       Thank you to the Recycle Committee for forming the Helping Hands again.

Old Business
Ballots: Cheryl about robocalls. Someone has set up a robo call claiming to come from DCCA urging people to vote no.
The board has NOT done this. We want everyone to vote. The computer only goes on when you answer the call. If you
don’t want to vote, please sign the back of the envelope and send it in. This helps with the quorum.

New Business
Cheryl to present a proposal to hire Lance MacArthur as Database Consultant. This has been postponed until Cheryl
gets back.
Proposal to hire a Process Server to insure Proof of Service on compliance issues. This has been postponed.
Committee/Liaison Lists – anyone that wants to sign-up for the 2.04 or the 6.19 committees please come up after the
meeting and signup