Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Nancy Nunan
Vice President - Cindy Klatt
Treasurer - Cheryl McInnis
Secretary -Virgilia Becker
Director -  Tom Ebersten  
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting:  March 3, 2020 at 2:00 pm

Board Workshop:  February 25th  at 2:00 pm
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
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Board Meeting Minutes for February 4, 2020
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Updated 2/20/2020
Desert Crest Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Feb. 4, 2020

Call to order

Flag SaluteRoll Call: Virgilia Becker, Tom Ebersten, Jim Gravelle, Cindy Klatt, Ed Lanning, Nancy Nunan.  Absent,
Cheryl McInness

Minutes of previous meeting accepted as posted.

Treasurer’s report will be posted.

Election: Pete Harrington presented the results. All four candidates were elected.  The correction to the CCRs was

Old Business: The last day to make any changes to the Desert Crest phone book is Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020.

New Business:  It was moved, seconded and passed to pay the renewal of our insurance.

Committee Reports

*Architectural: Randy Clendaniel discussed two fencing projects and noted that fences on the golf course should
not be white because the watering spray changes the color. Two homes replaced windows; no permit needed
because no size change. Two homes have been referred to Code Enforcement.

*2.04: Twelve homes will be sent 1st letters to clean-up their yards. Homes sent letters last month will be re-
checked on Feb. 21st. If not cleaned up, additional letters and fines will be sent out to those homeowners.  Finally,
due to recent rains lots of grass and weeds are coming up.  Your attention to this issue are appreciated.

*Emergency Preparedness: The two new ham radios are working well. We will purchase more.  Dennis and Jim will
contact all interested in being ham radio operators.  Jim would like all ham operators to attend the meetings,
whether you are still operating or not.  Congratulations to Tom Ebersten for passing the FCC Ham Operators test!
Note: Water you store will expire and taste like the plastic.  Check the dates on the bottles.  

*Age Compliance: Received another referral.  Our lawyer is going to send letters to those non-compliant.
*Rental Compliance: We have 23% rentals, down from over 35%. Please landlords bring your renters in for
interviews on age compliance.  No underage children.  One new renter moved in 10 animals and is being evicted.  
New buyers are encouraged to go through escrow even if the sale is “by owner.” Protect yourself.

*Communications: Virgilia read a thank you letter from our former lawyer who is retiring, and a very pleasant thank
you to the club employees for the improvementsof the pools and the padding on the handrails. Note: there are a
number of free community clean-up events that will take tires, furniture, appliances, tree limbs andcomputers and
tvs. Feb 15, Mar 7 and Mar 28, Dillon to Bennett Road about ½ mile to the Sky Valley Transportation Yard. 8 AM
to Noon or until bins are full. Flier will be in the lobby on the table.

*Club: Pete Harrington said the Electricity will be off at the Club and down Desert Crest on both side to the
restaurant on Feb. 24, 9 PM to 6AM. Not Feb 6. Silvino will come in Tues AM before they leave and get everything
turned on and the pools started to warm up.  Current projects: Repairs to shuffleboard roof; restrip allcurbing and
new handicap spaces; new lights in parking are; parts for new pipe handhold along walkway; window blinds
needing replacement; replace all old electric outlets; shelves in library. Women’s showers have corroded pipes
under the floor, which will have to be torn out.  In late summer this will begin, with ADAbathroom and shower added
for the handicapped.  Park benches along the outer street is a worthy suggestion—we can concrete them into the
ground.  Replacementof lounge chairs around the pool is not in the budget yet, but Pete will see if we canget 2 or
3 new ones. Men’s sauna: The equipment is breaking down and there are no longer parts available.  Pete has
given Jessica information on new equipment in the $500.00 range.  The audience thanked Pete for all he has

*Hot Water: Warren explained that the hot water pipes from our well run 60’ from the property line.  A potential new
buyer of the property our line runs across wants the club owner to move the pi) change the zoning back to flood
zone because natural drainage from the mountains goes right down between the berms and across Dillon. Warren
will talk to Jessica.

Short break for election of officers: all stay the same. Nancy President, Cindy VicePresident, Cheryl Treasurer,
Virgilia secretary.

Announcements: Renters who want to use the club facilities for a party have additional requirements.  They now
have to hire a staff member to be present, not one who is on duty with the club.  They cannot use the pools or the
library.  If thereare over 50 people, a licensed security guard is required at the renter’s expense.

Next workshop, Feb. 25, Tuesday.  Next Board Meeting, March 3, Tuesday.

Nancy Nunan, President__________________________________________

Virgilia Becker, Secretary________________________________________