Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Nancy Nunan
Vice President - Cindy Klatt
Treasurer - Cheryl McInnis
Secretary -Virgilia Becker
Director -  Tom Ebersten  
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting:  April 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm

Board Workshop:  March 31st  at 2:00 pm
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
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Board Meeting Minutes for March 3, 2020
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Updated 3/10/2020
                                                               Desert Crest Community Association
                                                                     Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                      March 3, 2020 @ 2:00 PM
Call to Order

Flag Salute

Roll call of Board of Directors:  Virgilia Becker, Tom Ebersten, Jim Gravelle, Cindy Klatt, Ed Lanning, Cheryl
McInnes, Nancy Nunan. All present.

Welcome New Residents: Roy McDonald introduced himself with wife Lucille, receiving applause when he said they
are here year-round.

Minutes from the previous meeting accepted without additions or corrections.

Synergy Agent Presentation: Synergy Agent for SoCal Gas and Edison presented programs on heating and
cooling.  They have addressed programs for windows, doors, weather stripping, heater, etc.  Many in the audience
signed up to have their homes inspected. The website is The office is 888 988 9829.

New Business:          
Update on Eastside pipeline: The club owns the property the well is on, but not the property the waterline is on.
The owner of that lane may have a potential buyer. Three members of the board met with a planning
commissioner. The property is presently zoned for 5-acre lots per home. The property was possibly surveyed last
week.  Any changes to the zoning must go through hearings.

Approval to sent out 2.04 letters passed.

Phone books: We will getting 100 of them and will provide some to the office and will have more at Coffee And.  
Please bring in your old phone books which we will destroy.  We don’t want phone books going into the trash
where someone might get hold of it who doesn’t live in our park.

The approval for the purchase of a lockable filing cabinet to house Census reports and pipeline history.  A lot of
research has been done on the pipeline over many years by the association.  Last time a potential buyer wanted
to develop a family park by us, we asked for a hearing.  It was held here, and over 200 people attended.  The
county reacted positively in our favor and the buyer backed out.

Committee Reports:
Architectural—Randy Clendaniel: It is snowbird season, and a lot has been getting done..  Randy can tell you what
does or doesn’t need a permit.  The county comes to check if the work is being done correctly.  A block wall on
Poolside is progressing with a permit. One home on the Greenway is putting in a vinyl fence.  

2.04 committee:  Allan Klatt: 29 homes will receive first letters to cleanup yards.  5 homes will receive 2nd letters
for failure to comply to the 1st letters they received, and 3 homes will receive 3rd letters along with a $200.00 fine.  
Two homes have failed to comply to all of our letters.  An additional fine of $400.00 will be assessed.  Failure to
pay the fine will result in a lien on the property.  We are seeing lots of grass and new weeds coming up in the
yards. Riverside county regulations require that all bushes be no more than 6’ high or lower.  All trees must be
confined to the tree owner’s yard and not over someone’s else’s property.  These committees need helpers.  You
don’t have to be in the trades to help.

A discussion ensued about the work along the periphery of the park to prevent vehicles larger than a golf cart
from coming into our park from the desert as a short cut to Dillon, or for criminal purposes.  Some objected to the
stumps, these can be removed. The piles of dirt and trenches will settle with spring rains. Only other solution was
fencing, and the cheapest was up to $20.00 per foot.  That would require an assessment from each homeowner of
$850.00 or more. Let us know of any suggestions you have. One was that a committee of volunteers with rakes
and shovels could form to improve the look of the periphery.  We could “take care of our village” as a community.  

Emergency Preparedness: Nancy Nunan for Dennis Cline: This committee also needs more help.  Seven or Eight
are attending instead of dozens years ago.  We now have a list of persons who identified themselves as disabled.
They will be checked first in case of an emergency such as an earthquake.  Since animals can panic and escape
their homes in an emergency, we would like to keep up our photo file of pets.  Further information will be provided
in the future on forms and photos.  The next meeting is March 29, the third Thursday of the month, at 1:30.  A
suggestion was made that the meeting could be held at night for more to attend. That will be considered.

Age Compliance: Tom Ebersten.  We are committed to maintain our 55+ status. If we have children in our park,
school taxes could be added to everyone’s property taxes. Let Tom know if you suspect underage persons, not
just children, are living in our park.  We need the address, and photos can help.  

A question was asked if we could have fundraisers for making improvements in the park.  Yes, and Nancy can
provide prior ways and ideas on how to do it.  All money profit must stay in the park.  

Rental Committee:  Since we own our own land, the association cannot check anything but 55+ status, go over the
rules and make them sign a contract to obey them.  Interviews are every Wednesday from 11 AM until finished.  A
buyer must own the home for one year before renting it.  The Board maintains a renters list.

Club report: Pete Harrington, Manager. When he first started, he and the staff went around the entire club
property and made a three-page list. The owner has been very open to repairs and improvements within the
budget.  Ongoing: Pool Table repairs are being addressed in May.  Two broken windows are being replaced.  
George Spencer built all the bookcases in the library for free.  Pools have new regulators that automatically keep
the temperatures to legal requirements.  Staff is instructed to not touch the temperatures. The hot pool under the
roof will be emptied and cleaned. The next MAJOR project is the removal of the concrete floors of the shower
rooms and the replacement of the pipes. Poolside restrooms will be brought up to handicap codes. Sauna in men’
s room—new sauna heater is here. Outside lights: now stay on until 6AM. The new defibrillator is here.  Staff will
be trained, and anyone who wants to be trained can be. Parking lot will be restriped wider with more handicapped

Announcements: March 13 and 14 is a park yard sale.  Just put your stuff out.  No maps or fees this time. It is
being organized by Sue Robinson.

Next Workshop: March 31, Tuesday.  Next Board Meeting April 7, Tuesday