Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Nancy Nunan
Vice President
- Virgilia Becker
- Terri Williams
Secretary - Cindy Klatt
Director -  Eva Hall
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Gary Schultz
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting: Tuesday , October  16 at 2:00 pm

Workshop session is Tuesday , October 4 at  2:00 pm  
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
Update 9/18/17
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Board Meeting Minutes for April 4, 2017
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April 4, 2017

The meeting was call to order at 2:10pm.

Gary Schulz led the Flag Salute.

Board Members present were President Nancy Nunan, Vice President Virgilia Becker, Treasurer Terri Williams,
Secretary Cindy Klatt and Directors Jim Gravelle, Ever Hall and Gary Schulz.

Lyon Dalton: (1) Graffiti on Long Canyon, Dillion Road and the entrance to Desert Crest will be painted out. Hot line
Graffiti phone numbers 1-866-732-1444 and 1-951-486-3222 will be posted. (2) Safety – Tom Eberston added to
Safety Committee with a background in Mental Health. More STOP and YIELD signs needed (contact at County is Rita
Masse). Make Vista del Sol and Sunrise throughways with YIELD signs at intersections and END signs where
appropriate. Jifka Driesen and Tom  doing Neighborhood Watch joining with Emergency Preparedness Committee.
Jim Knabb, DHS Police, in charge of our County Neighborhood Watch. Dave Hemmingway – checking dawn- to-dusk
lights – cost approximately $40 per carriage light with 22 year guarantee. Assistance for lights may be given to low-
income residents. Eve, Jim and Dave are looking into cameras at north and south entrances. Recent manhunt in park of
Billy Corn (40’s, white, male, driving black sedan Buick or VW and white/yellow van) in Desert Crest. If legal, his picture
will be posted on email and/or internet.

Virgilia move, Cindy seconded approval of Minutes of March 7, 2017 meeting.

Treasures’ Report: Terri – The transfer of funds of $646 from Legal to D&O Liability and Surety Board, and $40 to
Phone Book Printing/Preparation was passed. Checking account at $46,543.20 and CD at $88,823.08.

No new correspondence received.

Recognitions: To show our appreciation for acts of kindness, thank you forms are in the lobby which, when completed,
are to be given to DCCA. Awards were given to (1) Ed Landing for repair of DCCC spas and equipment, (2) Silvino
Gonzales, DCCC employee, for his thoroughness and willingness to do extra clean-up in Desert Crest.

Virgilia received 20 complaints about underage residents, illegal structures under construction, a suspicious person
knocking on doors late at night asking for help. 2 Thank You’s for conditions of golf course and a fence that was finally

Approval of Chairman of 2.04 Committee: Jim Gravelle – Liaison and Randy Clendaniel – Maintenance, Compliance &
Complaints. Virgilia move, Cindy seconded, motion passed. 2.04 Committee also consists of John Ford and George

Announcement – Scheduled water volleyball on Monday & Wednesday 11am to 1pm approved.

Committees: (a) Architectural – Fred Brownson absent (b) 2.04 Complaints – Randy – Clean-up and weed a problem.
Dick Muncey, landlord, is cleaning up 35 lots. (c) Emergency – Linda Brownson absent. (d) Age Compliance – a
committee will go door-to-door to confirm illegalities. (e) Rental – Cindy mailed 90 letters regarding new rules, with 25
more to be sent – will follow-up on all. In November new Rules will be added to CC&R’s. One new Rule that homeowner
(s) must live in home for 1 year before renting it should bring the number of rental down to about 120 from approx.  200.
(f) Neighborhood Watch/Safety. Dalton earlier gave report. (g) Hot Water Pipe – Jim will talk to Jessica (Owner of
DCCC). (h) 6.19 Compliance – Terri will also discuss with Jessica.

Old Business – Graffiti already discussed.  (2) Eve – DHS Non-emergency phone numbers 1-760-836-3215 ext. 5.
Office Shumway, Badge #3826 and Officer Smith #5198 in charge of arresting Billy Corn. Palm Desert number 1-760-
836-1600 ext. 5. Corn was seen at south end of Vista del Sol and Sunrise and Country club. (3) Virgilia – census
committee needs volunteer help. (4) Cheryl McInnes – Pat Larson is charge of garage sales needs a replacement. (5)
Update of Desert Crest residents’ information – this fall, with election ballots, all homeowner’s names, phone numbers
and emergency contacts are to be updated. (6) Warren Minder report (a) at clubhouse a hot-water pipe break on
Sunday was repaired Monday morning. Pipe needs to be replaced and Ed is checking it out (b) 2 circulating pumps
needs work. (c) Leak under deck by inner spa needs replacing. (d) Lights at entrance repaired by Auction funds. (e)
Electric parking lot lights cost $30 to replace so has ordered LED’s. (f) Morning maintenance employee found drug
paraphernalia in pool area and drugs in inner spa room. Need night person or cameras to identify individuals. Need Wi-
Fi to put on internet to view DCCC illegal activities 24/7.

Board Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm

General Discussion

Terri gave Architectural Report – 3 projects completed with 4 pending
Nancy – thanked Gary for new bulletin board outside DCCC office.
Randy – problems homes – 5 suspected drug dealers, 4 were asked to leave. Police advised the dealers move into
senior citizen areas since elderly don’t want to get involved. We are to notify police of suspicious activities. Potential
renters to be checked out more carefully. Jim said phone numbers of Board and Committee members here in the
summer should be posted along with numbers of Police. Gary said the biggest problem is abandoned home, many
have liens on them. Beneficiaries of deceased owners pay taxes to hold possession, but do not maintenance, therefore
county can’t sell properties.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm

                                              Minutes prepared by: Marian Herbert

                                              Approved by: Nancy Nunan