Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Nancy Nunan
Vice President - Cindy Klatt
- Cheryl McInnis
Secretary -Virgilia Becker
Director -  Eva Hall
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting: November  6th

Board Workshop October 30th
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
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Board Meeting Minutes for October 2, 2018
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Desert Crest Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
October 2, 2018

Call to order. The meeting began Oct. 2, 2018, at 2:00 with the Flag Salute.

Roll Call : Becker, Gravelle by phone, Klatt, Lanning by phone, McInnes & Nunan. Hall
was absent.

Changing of Board Officers: The Board members retired to the office to vote on a
change of officers, at Virgilia's request. With unanimous votes, Nancy Nunan was voted
President, Virgilia Becker Secretary, and Cheryl McInnes Treasurer.

Three new homeowners were present and introduced themselves. They were
welcomed by all.

Treasurer's Report was read, moved and seconded to be accepted.

Yearly increase on club dues: The California Price Index (C.P.I.) is like COLA (Cost of
Living). It governs the amount that the club can raise its dues each year. We are in
Riverside County, which was formerly tied to Los Angeles and others, but that has
changed, and is now tied to San Bernadino and Ontario. The new rise is $3.14 per
month, beginning Nov. 1, 2018. If you have autopay, be sure to make the
amount change before that date. The limit to the amount the Club can raise its dues is
set in the CC &Rs. Notice of this change will be mailed to all homeowners. This brings
up the need to update the CCRs to reflect this change.

Updates to the CCRs: We need volunteers interested in helping go through sections of
the CCRS, the booklet of Governing Documents, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations,
given to each new homeowner in the interview. Anyone with a special interest in a
section may volunteer to work on that section. We would like it done by Jan. 1, 2019.
CCRs are registered with the county and will stand up in court.

"Neighbors being Good Neighbors" We enjoy the friendliness in the park, and would like
it to be extended. Introduce yourself to others. Look out for your neighbors. Let' be safe.

Property Maintenance: Fifteen Letters by the 2.04 committee are ready for approval.
Motion and second, motion passed to mail them out.

Change of Board office telephone : in order to have faster response to Association
calls, motion was made to purchase cell phone service from Verizon, which had the
most coverage for the price. Motion made, seconded, and passed. Nancy donated a cell

Old Business: Any homeowners who did not receive the 2018 park phone book may get
one from the office. Renters may get a 2017 phone book from the office. When
disposing of old park phone books, please shred them, or return them to the office or a
board member to shred.

Garage Sale: Nov. 2-3. 2018. Contact Phyllis Frobish 760-238-3797 if you want to be
on the map.


* *"Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am
changing myself." Rumi

Nancy Nunan President
Virgilia Becker  Secretary
Updated 10/14/2018