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Committee Chairpersons & Club Contacts

204 Committee - Alan Klatt
Architectural and Compliance -  Randy Clendaniel
Dog & Cat Committee - Marsha Jokareff
Emergency Preparedness (EPC) - Denis Cline
Fun Club - Mindy Harrington
Garage Sales -open
Interview - Nancy Nunan
Men's Golf - David Wallace
Neighborhood Watch/Safety - Lyon Dalton
Recycling Committee - Robin Johnson and T
im Omdahl
Rental - Cindy Klatt
Shuffleboard - Patrick Spiger
Woman's Golf - Marla Williams
Update 12/28/2019
Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
Emergency Preparedness (EPC)
“It is the mission of the Desert Crest Emergency Preparedness Committee to minimize the loss of life and damage to our property
during acts of destruction,  by creating awareness of potential dangers, encouraging the remedy or mitigation of these threats to
our person and property, by obtaining and maintaining emergency gear and supplies to be self sufficient for a fourteen-day period,
and by providing necessary training opportunities to all residents to improve their skills and enhance everyone’s chance for
survival in case of a disaster.”
Commitees & clubs
Architectural and Compliance
The priority of this committee is to help you make improvements to your property and to help with the permits required by Riverside

Architectural Submittal Forms
Scull Rock at Joshua Tree NP
Recycling Committee
A committee consisting of Robin Johnson & Jim Burns  will be working each Monday beginning at 8:00 am
checking for recyclable items.  The money received for selling these items will be used for the park.  Purchases
include a portable sound system and professional gym equipment.  Homeowners are encouraged to write down
suggestions for future purchases.  Homeowners are reminded not  to put these recyclable items in their blue
box, preferably in a plastic bag away from the trash.
2.04 Committee
This committee reports directly to the board and  is responsible for addressing the issue of properties deemed derelict in the
park. Its responsibilities include recommendation and  completion of corrective action as approved by the board.

This committee reviews properties in the park that are not up to park standards and after board approval, will have the properties
cleaned and charge the owner, if the owner does not respond to the request to properly maintain their property.