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    Welcome to the Desert  Crest Association Web Site
Golf Course
The Desert Crest Swimming Pool and one
of three natural hot springs "spas".
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Desert Crest Community Association
69-402 S. Country Club Dr.
Desert Edge, CA 92241-8289
Phone: (760) 329-2899  
Fax:  (760) 329-2899

Desert Crest Country Club
Hours - Mon - Fri 10am - 2 pm
Phone (760) 329-8711

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Desert Crest is an active senior, own-your-own-land manufactured home community.  All streets are county owned and maintained.  Homeowners enjoy unlimited golf, on a 9 hole, par 3
course and shuffleboard on 8 indoor courts. We have a mineral water pool and three natural hot springs "spas" . Our clubhouse has a game room, library, gym, and entertainment facilities.

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome you and wish to thank all  Association Members for your support and future participation in making this web site successful. This site will
contain information as to Association business as well as current and future events. Your help in submitting current events, photos and any other note worthy information will be welcomed.

The Board of Directors has full editing administration of this site
Mt San Jacinto view from golf course
CC&R's, ByLaws and Rules & Regulations

    The Secretary of State certified Desert Crest Community Association as a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit
    Corporation in July 2000.  Base upon the California Corporations Code and our current Bylaws, election for
    directors must be by written ballot.  The Board of Directors VOTED the following procedures for the 2017
    election December 5, 2017.

  •       Nominations for the 2017 election to the Board of Directors will be closed after the December 5, 2017            
    annual meeting of members.

  •       All members in good standing as of December 1, 2017 will be eligible to vote and will be mailed a ballot
    about December 15, 2017 with the names of all candidates that have been nominated, which is at least thirty
    (30) days prior to February 6, 2017 Board meeting and counting of ballots.

  •      Ballots will be audited to ensure accuracy and mailed to Virginia McGahan, Inspector of Elections.

  •       Enclosed with each ballot will be a stamped envelope addressed to Desert Crest Community Association.  
    All ballots must be received by the post office by 5:00 pm on January 31, 2017 to be counted.

  •       It is necessary to have a quorum of ballots returned, the same as if the election was conducted at a meeting
    (50% + 1 of eligible voters).

  •       Virginia McGahan, the Inspector of Elections, will tally the votes to determine if a quorum is met.  If a quorum
    is met, the Election Committee (appointed by the Inspection of Elections) will proceed to count the ballots and
    report the results of the election in writing to the Board, at the meeting on February 6, 2017.  The Board will then
    publish the results by posting to the bulletin board.

  •        In case of a tie among the candidates, the results will be determined by a flip of a coin.

  •        The two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve for four (4) years and the
    remainder will serve two (2) years.

  •       If quorum is met by the return of the necessary ballots, the Election Committee will announce the results.

  •       No further business will be conducted and a motion to adjourn is in order

  •       The new Board shall meet in Executive session to elect officers by written ballot among themselves.

  •        Results of the election of officers will be posted on the bulletin board within three (3) days.

  •        If a quorum is not met, the only action that will be taken is the existing board to reschedule a new election
    date based on Article 3.06 of the bylaws.
Article XIII Announcement


Attention Desert Crest HOMEOWNERS:
There has been a lot of confusion on who
applies to. If you own your home, this article
does NOT apply you. The 25% and the one year
only applies to homes purchased after the
February 2018 park election date.